4. Design Ideas

Hi! I need to start thinking what my Raspberry Pi Zero enclosure should look like. Here are few sketches where I played around with themes and form. 

First Idea is this simple treasure box inspired by the video game called Minecraft. It is a popular game among youth as well as adults, everyone who played this game at least once will quickly notice the reference. It is a very simple design, however in terms of manufacturing, because it will be 3D printed there is no way of screwing the hinge into the plastic case, therefore it would have to be 3D printed as well. At the front the enclosure has openings for USB and micro USB cables to be inserted, on the side there is a big gap for easier manoeuvre of SD card. Box would have a fastening method of clipping into place, it would be placed where the “metal” hatch from the lid meets the bottom part. On the inside there are cylinders, which act as a support and platform for the board and where it will be screwed into.

Figure 1. Minecraft Chest Enclosure

Second design ideation is this yellow enclosure with sliding mechanism, very similar to the previous design, but this one has a different opening method. On the drawing there is a small opening for SD card slot, but when it would come to further developing, I would make it the same size as in the previous design. Again, openings for USB and micro USB at the front and cylinders on the inside for the placement. 

Figure 2. Standard Yellow Sliding Mechanism Enclosure

The third and last concept for today is this Pokeball imitation but in squared form so that it adapts for the application. The form is very similar to the Minecraft chest case as this one will require use of hinges. Because of the shape Raspberry Pi board needs to sit quite low in the container leaving lots of space on the top part of the case. There is a hole for ventilation rather than anything else as it would be difficult to fit fingers thought this hole. Pokeball case would consist of snap closing mechanism at the front where the white bit is placed, these white circles in the middle are the part of the top piece of the enclosure. 

Figure 3. Pokeball Enclosure

As you can see I wanted to play around with the theme of games and as long as these might look interesting and fun they might not be as functional as I would want them to be so it will be difficult choosing the final design, or maybe I will make something else in the meantime that will seem more appropriate and useful. 

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