8. Personal Statement

Hi! This will be the last post for Raspberry Pi Zero Enclosure project as we have reached the deadline, but I might do more work on in once I get graded and will be allowed to post again. As the project reached the end, students (me) are required to write a personal statement which allows me to reflect on work I have done on this project. I will describe what and how I have learned during this project, describe any challenges and difficulties and how I overcome them. 

First thing that comes to mind is that I am very pleased with how this coursework was set up, it was easy to follow the workflow and every requirement was clear. Once I checked all the requirements, the rest of the work was up to me and it is nice to have this freedom as it influences the creativity and innovation. 

I really liked this project but being honest, I am not happy with the work that I have done, and from the point of time and experience, I would have done things differently. First thing is time management, which is crucial when working with 3D printers because you know that printing takes a lot of time, usually it take multiple passes to achieve the satisfying results especially when you don’t print at home where you have access to the printer 24/7 but at university where staff works certain hours per day, only few days a week. I knew about my bad time management but this coursework made me realise that it needs to change as soon as possible, because it is one of the main problems that made me not being happy with my work, because I procrastinate for a long time and start working at the end of the project resulting in making poor design or model. 

On the good side of things, the requirement of making a blog for the project to post our work is one of the best things that I took out of this unit. I already had a website before starting this coursework, however I didn’t have any content and motivation to add anything new to the website. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Case project I created an interesting content and showcased my skills and knowledge for potential employers to notice. Now, once I started on working on my website, I hope to maintain the pace of updating it with new content more often, at least once a month, it’s better than never. 

Another difficulty that I encountered during this coursework was lack of knowledge and experience in additive manufacturing such as 3D printing, to be more precise, a lack of knowledge how to design a product for 3D printing. Most of the time wasted was on thinking of a design or making a CAD that wouldn’t work for additive manufacturing and instead of thinking of new possibilities how to creatively use 3D printing, I somehow closed my mind off in a box and could create anything interesting or fun. This mixed with poor time management resulted in me being stuck with my final design that I wish wasn’t final. Obviously I watched many YouTube videos, listened to lectures, which covered the aspects that I needed to complete my work, read the blogs and journals etc. but it is the experience that gives you this autonomous thinking how to do stuff properly and I will be able to work this way, some day. 

Overall, I bring out a lot from this unit, definitely improved the skills in Autodesk Fusion 360 as I worked on it only once before starting this coursework, now I am able to use it confidently. Again, 3D printing software called Cura, previously I worked with it only once but now it is much clearer to me. Other software skill that I am proud of is WordPress. I had a grasp on PreForm, print preparation software from Formlabs, but didn’t use it this time in my work. These are small things, not many at a time but they will finally add up and make me good and confident at what I am doing. 

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