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A univeristy project for CAD Modelling and Product Design unit, 2CWK70.

8. Personal Statement

Hi! This will be the last post for Raspberry Pi Zero Enclosure project as we have reached the deadline, but I might do more work on in once I get graded and will be allowed to post again. As the project reached the end, students (me) are required to write a personal statement which allows […]

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7. Final Product

Hi! Today I have finished printing my final design for the project submission that is due today so it might be the last update, or I might continue working on it after I receive a grade and perfect it in the spare time outside university.  This time I didn’t forget to save the STL files, […]

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6. First 3D Printing

Hi! Today I will be showing you my first attempt at 3D printing my Raspberry Pi enclosure. I started by exporting my CAD design into STL file, this way it will be possible for Cura to correctly display the design. Cura is a software owned by Ultimaker company that prepares an object to be 3D […]

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5. Final Design Development

Hi! Today I am going to show you my final design concept and its development. My design process depends on various different factors such as the deadline date, if I have a clear vision of a product in my head, if it is a complex product with lots of components and complicated assembly etc.  For […]

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4. Design Ideas

Hi! I need to start thinking what my Raspberry Pi Zero enclosure should look like. Here are few sketches where I played around with themes and form.  First Idea is this simple treasure box inspired by the video game called Minecraft. It is a popular game among youth as well as adults, everyone who played this […]

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3. Design Considerations

Hi! At the beginning of a design development process it is very important to think for whom I am designing a specific product. In this case the answer is simple as it is clearly stated in my project brief but quite often the answer to this question is much more complex. My task is to […]

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2. Market Research

Hi! Today I am going to conduct a brief market research on Raspberry Pi cases. It is clear that as long as microprocessors are being purchased, there always will be a demand for cases and enclosures as people want to store their belongings neatly and safely. We can find and buy huge range of cases […]

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1. Let’s get started

Hi! As one of my master’s projects I am required to design and make the case for Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller or Raspberry Pi Zero computer board. The scenario of this project is that I am asked to design and manufacture the case for one of the boards for children at school to use for […]

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